Amãna Takaful (Amana Holdings Limited)

Amana Holdings Limited (AHL) is the first and largest Islamic Finance House in Sri Lanka and a holding company whose primary objective is the acquisition of assets in the journey of propagating Islamic Finance. Their interest began in banking and has now grown to serve almost all financial requirements of the market over a period of nearly two decades. The group consists of reputed licensed financial service providers in Sri Lanka.

Most notable among AHL’s services, Amãna Takaful was incorporated as a public company for the purpose of composite insurance in Sri Lanka in 1999, with technical collaboration from Takaful Malaysia. Listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange since 2006, Amãna Takaful has expanded its geographic foot-print through 25 branches in the country. Amãna Takaful has received ISO 9001 accreditation.